Alarm and Chime Accessories

Alarm and Chime Accessories

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KIT-H19032 STI Set of 2 Exit Keys #2341

Replacement on/off key (# 2341) For use with Exit Stopper models STI-6400, STI-6402, STI-..


STI-30950 STI 6 Volt Alkaline Battery

Alkaline 6 volt battery is for professional applications. Sold individually...


STI-33010 STI Wireless Button

All of these chimes are compatible with each other.Know when your door opens or when a person enters..


STI-33950 STI 3 Volt Lithium Battery 2 Pack

Lithium 3 volt battery is for professional applications. Packaged in quantities of two. Can be used ..


STI-34071 STI Wireless Conversion Board

Additional board for Wireless Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper and Wireless Exit Stopper..


STI-34098 STI Single Channel Slave Receiver

Single Channel Slave Receiver works in conjunction with a control panel.Operates up to 1000' (line o..


STI-34101 STI Sensor for Solar Driveway Monitor - Transmitter

Alerts you when a vehicle passes sensor (enters driveway).Works with the 4-Channel Receiver (STI-341..


STI-34104 STI 4-Channel Receiver

Monitors up to 4 different STI devices at one convenient location.Supervised for low battery and sig..


STI-34108 STI 8-Channel Receiver

Model Number: STI-V34750 Features: Monitors up to 8 different STI devices at one convenient locati..


STI-34109 STI Repeater

Extends system range.Receives and retransmits distant STI protocol wireless device signals (except f..


STI-34188 STI 8-Zone Relay Board

8 Momentary Form C Relay contacts rated 3A, 125 VAC, 3A, 28VDC2 ft. - 4 conductor interconnect cable..


STI-V34104 STI 4-Channel Voice Receiver

Receiver sounds selected voice messages when monitored site is tripped.Easy programming voice prompt..


SUB-6403 STI Exit Stopper Remote Horn

Alarm alerts to any unauthorized exits/entries through emergency exit doors and rear doors.U ser can..


SUB-SA505 STI Key Switch Mounting Bracket

Key switch mounting bracket (includes key switch) for STI-SA5000 series...